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You might have heard the saying “It’s better to have a bird in your hand than two in the bush” but some homeowners have the opposite situation where there are too many birds around their home. While birds can be very enjoyable to watch, their droppings are acidic and will damage surfaces where they land, such as your driveway, your siding or your roof. On top of that, they can spread disease. Another downside is when birds build nests in chimneys and ventilation shafts causing exhaust to come back into your home. They might also eat the seeds that you plant, such as grass seed.

Keeping birds away can be quite difficult, but sometimes it helps if you deny them food and shelter. Installing sturdy netting over spots where they might nest and covering seeds that you plant with hay or a tarp will work for this purpose. Hopefully, the birds will find a better spot to gather.

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