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Using a dishwasher is fairly simple, and you might have used it for quite some time. However, there are times when well-meaning friends or parents will help you out, but use the wrong type of soap in the machine. It’s easy to think that using dish soap in the dishwasher is fine, but that is very far from the case. Pretty soon you will have a large amount of suds forming in the dishwasher, most likely seeping out of it. If you notice this, you need to stop the washer immediately. You are now looking at a lengthy process to undo the damage.

Your first step needs to be to remove all the dishes, as well as, the racks from the inside of the machine. After that, you should get a wet vac to get as much of the soapy water out of the machine as possible. Run a rinse cycle, but be prepared to stop it if the soap starts building up again. Keep running rinse cycles and using the wet vac repeatedly until it stops foaming.

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