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It seems like no matter what state you live in, if you have any trees on your property, there comes a time during the year where raking the leaves becomes essential. And it’s true, it’s important to rake leaves for more reasons than just because it makes your lawn look better. Grass needs light and proper airflow to grow, and extensive leaf coverage can prevent both of those things.

If you’re not a fan of leaf-raking, though, there are ways around it other than just ignoring the problem. You could consider using a leafblower or a lawnmower bagging attachment to gather them up. Or, you could use a mulching mower to turn those leaves into a valuable fertilizer for gardens or the lawn itself. Options like these could mean never having to touch a rake again!

Whatever you choose to do, it’s important to adjust your lawn care routine as needed based on the layout and specific needs of your property.

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