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As civil unrest, pandemic, unemployment, wildfires, and more have gripped the country in 2020, it’s almost understandable that some people have desperately turned to crime as a solution to their problems. One crime that affects many people is theft – more specifically, the burglary of a home. What can you do to help protect your property from this threat?

While it may not be possible for you to purchase and/or install a full security and alarm system, you may be able to install parts of the system, like cameras, or even something as simple as branded signs or window decals from a security system monitoring company. These indicators of a security system can be enough to discourage a thief. Similarly, if you’re not in a position to own a guard dog, having a simple “Beware of Dog” sign posted on your property in key locations can also do the trick.

These methods are not a replacement for the real deal, but they may make a criminal give a second thought to targeting your property.

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